Avoiding Fake Wholesale Makeup

fake mac makeup

The only way to ensure that your wholesale makeup is authentic, is to know your cosmetics products and brands inside out and if necessary compare with the real thing. You can also take precautions by only ever using reputable suppliers.

A lot of fake beauty products are for items that do not actually exist in the proper range – different MAC colours etc. I give several warnings on Cheap Slap about sellers to avoid, but always always do your own due diligence as ultimately your cosmetics business transactions are your own responsibility. Pay by Paypal for maximum buyer protection (and make sure that you NEVER pay by bank transfer).

Sorry that’s not more definitive, but it pays to trust your own intuition and if anything seems at all dodgy, then always walk away. There are enough genuine deals around to get a good selection of stock without resorting to desperate measures.

Two very widely faked cosmetics brands are MAC and Benefit, but many other beauty brands are too, so never assume that all the other brands are okay either! You will gain a lot more confidence once you have more experience dealing with the wholesale makeup sellers and a wide range of cosmetics products, but when starting out it is a good idea to be cautious.

If you are sourcing wholesale cosmetics products yourself, do a who.is search to check where the website is registered. If it is registered in China – avoid! A lot of Chinese websites look like they are US sites because the products are listed in US dollars but a who.is search should give you more information.

Cheap Slap members have a head start with our list of trusted wholesale makeup suppliers, as well as warnings about the cosmetics sellers to avoid. Many people have thanked me for saving them from unscrupulous sellers.

If you are not a member yet, why not take a minute and join Cheap Slap today – members can contact me directly any time for advice on wholesale cosmetics sellers or websites you may be unsure about.