Best Wholesale Makeup To Sell on eBay

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With wholesale makeup and cosmetics, knowing exactly what brands to sell on eBay is not always as easy as it may seem.

Most people start with a pre-conceived idea that they want to sell a certain brand, say MAC/Benefit/Clinique, because that is what they use themselves and they know it is a best-selling cosmetics brand that lots of people love.

Now that is true, and it is always great to have a wide market of customers ready to buy your beauty products. What I would say though, is to always keep an open mind. To decide on the best beauty items to sell on eBay, and become a good seller, you will learn many attributes. Patience, flexibility and a discerning buying approach are key. Let me explain…

Patience: Wait to find the right products. Never buy wholesale makeup stock on impulse or without having done your homework first. For example, maybe you have seen a great deal on MAC glitter. Check first to see how many other sellers are selling the product on eBay. Watch some of those items and see what final value they are selling for. If there is already a lot of a certain product on eBay, there is more competition and this will drive down the price (great for buyers but not so good for sellers). Calculate an estimated profit on each item, remembering to take into account the eBay fees and Paypal fees.

Flexibility: Keep an open mind so that you do not miss any other good wholesale cosmetics deals on different brands. Look for other products that your target customer may like. Remember that your MAC customer will probably like other cool makeup brands such as Urban Decay or Smashbox. By stocking a variety of high end cosmetics products that compliment each other, you open up the possibility of tempting your customer into other impulse buys. This is called cross-selling, and it really works, so do it!

Test your market with a small selection of different products from several high end brands until you identify which items are most successful. By experimenting a little, soon you should identify what will be your profitable, popular, core items to stock. Even then, always keep up with the latest trends by adding a few new items to entice return customers.

Be Discerning: It is easy to get carried way if you come across a brilliant wholesale deal on a good high end cosmetics brand, but on a discontinued line of products. Never buy too many of any one item, unless you are sure you can sell them all reasonably quickly. The exception to this rule is usually MAC – their previous limited editions often have a rarity value which actually pushes up the selling price.

What’s Hot: For best-selling makeup and cosmetics brands, eBay Pulse is a great feature which shows which are the recent most searched for items on eBay. Based on actual eBay searches in the Health and Beauty category, a few ideas for what makeup brands to sell on eBay would be:

#1. MAC
#2. Benefit
#3. Philosophy
#4. Clinique
#5. Chanel

Remember that the above list may change from time to time, but most of the high end brands that you find in department stores usually sell well.

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