Buying Wholesale Makeup Online

wholesale makeup online

For anyone starting out their online search for authentic sources of wholesale makeup and cosmetics, a few words of warning about buying from the big trade portals such as,, etc (and there are plenty more, with new ones springing up all the time…)

These sites may contain valuable sources and genuine sellers for some types of consumer products, but unfortunately where wholesale cosmetics are concerned, they are absolutely full of listings for fake cosmetics and beauty items. In fact I would say that 99%, if not all, of the items you may be tempted to buy from these sites are either fake, or do not exist. By that I mean you will receive nothing after you have sent your payment. So really I cannot warn people enough about buying from these sites. The main culprits are:

1. Sellers from China, Indonesia etc with large quantities of MAC cosmetics items and brushes for sale.

2. Any seller with a seemingly large inventory of fantastic high end cosmetics items.
3. Sellers with no business address or verifiable contact details listed, just a free email address account.

4. Sellers requesting payment by money transfer (Western Union etc).

You should always take the following precautions, whenever you buy wholesale beauty items from any source:

1. Most of the above type of sites have a Trustpass or Verified Member category for sellers who have passed certain checks. Always use verified sellers, and check exactly what the site’s verification process covers. Make your own checks as well, such as telephoning the seller if possible, and look to see if their address even exists on Google Maps.

2. Never, ever, EVER, send payment by cash transfer. Always use a traceable form of payment. A credit card is preferable as it usually offers some buyer protection if there are any problems.

3. Start off with a small order. Check the items carefully when they arrive for authenticity. If you suspect you have received fake items, do not try to sell them on. Not only is it an offence but you will ruin your own business reputation as well.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is – don’t risk it! For Cheap Slap members, there are various warnings in the Members Area about dodgy wholesale cosmetics sellers and websites. If any Member has a bad experience, this is posted on the site for the benefit of everyone else.