Cosmetics Business Costs

cosmetics business costs

It is wise to plan and budget carefully before you start a cosmetics business. You will gain more in the long run by thinking things through, especially with a limited budget.

Work Out a Budget

Decide how much you can afford to invest in your new beauty venture. Luckily, a cosmetics business has low start up costs. All you need is a small, but good, range of stock, and also some packaging materials – small padded jiffy envelopes are usually fine. I always use a little packing tape too over the sticky bit to make sure the bags are extra secure.

How Much Do I Need To Spend To Get Started?

From experience, I can honestly say that it is totally possible for anyone to start up successfully with as little as £200 (around $300). You will be able to buy a good quantity, and selection, of high end wholesale makeup for this amount.

If this seems like a lot, do not worry. It may be possible to get going with a little less, although at the above level you will get better bang for your buck. That is because wholesale sellers usually set a minimum order or quantity or minimum order value (or both). So the cost price for you is cheaper when you buy in bulk. Also, this stops normal people being able to buy one or two items direct from the wholesalers.

Stick To The Budget

I cannot stress this enough – do not get carried away and overspend when you are starting out. This can be really easy to do because when great wholesale deals become available, you easily turn into a kid in a candy store.

Trust me on this – stick to your budget and wait until you have made some profits to raise extra cash to buy more stock. More great deals will come along later. Never, ever, get into debt or max out your credit card on buying wholesale cosmetics stock.

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