DHGate review

DHGate review

I wrote previously about being careful when buying wholesale makeup from China but it is definitely worth mentioning again and again so you know exactly what to expect.

DHgate.com is a Chinese marketplace website, and when you use the site you are buying from individual sellers who list their items on the site, not from DHgate itself.

The bottom line is that if you buy any type of branded goods from DHgate.com and other sites like this (e.g. TradeTang.com and QWholesale.com), they are 99.9% likely to be fake. As in not authentic, cheap copies, imitations, inspired by…call them what you like but they will be a BIG PILE OF RUBBISH, so please, don’t even waste your money.

I should also add, that is if you are lucky (?) to receive any goods at all. You are just as likely to send money and receive nothing in return. No reputable reseller would touch these sites in a million years, but they can be very convincing, especially for newbies. So remember to keep your wits about you and do not get duped by the too good to be true prices and photos that are of the real thing, and not the fake you will be buying!

If you search Google for reviews of these sites you will read countless stories of people being ripped off and never receiving their wholesale cosmetics, but there are also a few good reviews too. However, the good reviews are often fake as well, and posted by sellers themselves, so should be taken with a large pinch of salt.