Discount MAC Cosmetics

wholesale mac cosmetics

Where can I find the best range of discount MAC cosmetics??!!

This question is one of my most asked queries. So I thought it would be useful to provide more information here.

First up, remember that “discount” is NOT the same as “wholesale”. Discount usually describes retail items that can be bought in single units at a reduced price. Wholesale prices are usually only available to resellers, who buy multiple items with a view to selling these at a profit.
In general the wholesale price amount should always be less than the discount price. So just remember that with wholesale, it is not usually possible to buy only one item.

Beware of buying very cheap discount MAC cosmetics on eBay. eBay is absolutely full of fake MAC cosmetics. Even sellers with good feedback can be selling fakes. Often the reason that they have good feedback is that buyers do not know that the items are fake. In cases when the buyer discovers a fake and complains, the seller gives them a refund and swears they did not know themselves, and ask the buyer not to leave bad feedback. And finally, amazingly some people do not even care if they are buying fakes – in which case in my opinion they must be totally bonkers!

I am also sorry to report that there are loads of websites, some right at the top of Google, that are selling discount MAC cosmetics which are totally fake as well. The best advice I can give when buying discount MAC cosmetics, is always to be suspicious unless you are 100% certain of the seller’s reliability.

There are some genuine sellers out there, so just do your homework first before you throw your money away.

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