Do Wholesale Makeup Dropshippers Exist

Another question I get asked by members from time to time is if I can recommend a wholesale makeup dropshipper. For those of you not familiar with dropshipping, this is when an individual seller advertises, sells, and collects the money for an item, then contacts another company (the dropshipper) who sends the goods to the buyer. The seller does not hold any stock, and their profit is the difference between the price they pay the dropshipper and the price the item sold for.

I wish I could tell you there was a brilliant cosmetics dropshipper hidden away somewhere but unfortunately there is none, definitely not in the UK or for high end makeup. The truth is that there are no high end cosmetics, perfume, or beauty products dropshippers in the UK and any person, website, or advertisement that says otherwise is either telling porkies or being deliberately misleading.

As for dropshippers in the US for top branded cosmetics products, the same applies. The nature of the best cosmetics deals from the US sellers is that stock changes all the time, it just depends whatever becomes available, so that would not fit in with the dropshipping model which needs fairly consistent stock items to make it work.
The only solution if you want to sell makeup is to buy the stock in yourself. Sorry if that is bad news but it is the same for everyone.

As an alternative idea, I think there are US dropshippers doing slimming tablets and the like, that is how the most of the eBay sellers with those products seem to work – you buy on eBay UK and your tablets mysteriously arrive from the US about a week later. That is not something I am involved in and Cheap Slap does not include sellers for those type of products, but if you are set on exploring dropshipping options it may be worth seeing if you can find out more about them.