Fake MAC Wholesale Makeup DHGate

fake mac makeup

Following my recent posting about the dangers of buying wholesale makeup from China, and in particular from sites like DHGate.com and TradeTang.com, I received this response from a Cheap Slap member:

“Hi Mel
Just wanted to say thanks for the info you post pre registration regarding the China websites… just wanted to say, that I did order from them as I was caught into thinking they were genuine and I must admit when they arrived, they did look pretty convincing, but I was a little green back then and didn’t know the difference between genuine and fake and I did ebay them, for a while I was receiving great feedback, but then one of my customers developed a serious allergic reaction to a product that was supposed to be suitable for sensitive eyes… needless to say I was horrified and I immediately ended all further transactions… the lady concerned ended up being admitted to hospital, but thankfully did recover… she did email me about this and advised if I knew the product was fake, which I seriously didn’t back then, but I was understandably concerned and I did refund for the full amount plus her treatment. I guess a warning that you could also post is that, you don’t know what your given when your buying from the likes of DHGate, which is where I bought these items from and to remember that ultimately it is your customers that suffer in the end. It could have been a lot worse for me had she taken this further, but I guess I was lucky… this is why I will no longer source any of my products from these con mechants that are only after your money.
Cheers, Michael”

Just reading this email made me shiver – the thought of selling something that could injure or harm a customer, with the repercussions that would follow, just don’t bear thinking about. I like to be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that whatever profit I have made from my business has not hurt anyone.

Some people think that fake makeup is no big deal, and that it’s just cheap product in an identical box, but as Michael says you don’t know what you are being given from these sites at all. The regulated beauty indsutry that we are used to means that even the cheapest beauty products we can buy over the counter have been tested as safe for humans. In the counterfeit industry, anything goes. You have been warned – again!!

If you are looking for authentic high end wholesale cosmetics from trusted sources, there are not that many – Cheap Slap members can sleep safe in the knowledge that they have access to the latest genuine deals on the top cosmetics brands. We have a zero tolerance policy to fakes.