Fake Wholesale Makeup Alert

fake wholesale makeup alert

I have noticed a lot of google ads recently for wholesale makeup from a site called uushopping.com, then when you go to the site it is branded ggoshopping.com.

It only took a few seconds to confirm my suspicions ā€“ this is another Chinese site, selling all manner of luxury branded goods at suspiciously low prices. Their makeup is not actually that cheap, but when you look at the handbags and jewellery sections this screams scam to me.

So this is a quick alert to add to the others I have already written about qWholesale, TradeTang, and DHgate. You should avoid all of these sites if you want to avoid getting ripped off or buying fakes. Of course, if fake high end cosmetics, bags and jewellery is your thing then go right ahead. You may be lucky to receive anything at all, but hey that is part of the whole experience. Right, Iā€™d better stop now before I get put on a hit list or something.

For trusted suppliers of wholesale makeup you would be far better checking out what is on offer from the suppliers you will find listed on Cheap Slap. Members regularly send me feedback on the various suppliers and any dodgy goings on are immediately reported on the site to warn everyone else.