How To Spot Fake Wholesale Makeup

how to spot fake mac makeup

I have had a few queries about how to tell if a site is selling fake wholesale makeup and also how to actually spot fakes when looking at the products themselves.

There are a few clues when looking at websites that are selling fake cosmetics and beauty products. First of all, if a site is selling lots of high end brands, not just makeup, at too good to be true prices, everything on the site is probably fake. For example, there are sites out there selling the latest (cough) MAC cosmetics, iphones, Tiffany jewellery, UGG boots and Jimmy Choo shoes for a fraction of the retail cost of the authentic items. The sites usually show their prices in US dollars and may even have US/UK/EU contact telephone numbers but if you look more closely at the terms and conditions page you will probably find that the site is based in China. There are also lots of site clones – these are usually affiliate sites with different domain names but with the same stock and all linking back to the same central site.

When it comes to checking actual makeup products that you have received for authenticity, unfotunately there is no easy answer as some fakes look better than others. Often the hard plastic pots, contents and boxes may be identical to the authentic product, but look out for things like a mistake on the label on the back of the product or somewhere on the packaging e.g. blushers with MAC Power blush on the label on the back of the pot instead of Powder blush. Other examples include Nars powders with the name Nars pressed into the powder – unbelieveable but sad that people buy them thinking that they are real items. If you are not sure about any particular item, check it against an original that you know is genuine.

I get so many people emailing me saying “how can so many people on eBay be selling the latest MAC special editions etc. so cheaply”? Well, unfortunately usually the answer is that those items are fake. It is possible that the sellers do not know the items are fake, but I find that unlikely. It is more realistic to assume that the sellers know they are convincing fakes, and that most customers do not even notice, and leave positive feedback when they first receive the item before they have actually used it. Even in the event that a customer does complain, usually pleading ignorance, grovelling and a refund will be enough to prevent a customer leaving negative feedback.

If you are unlucky enough to buy fake wholesale cosmetics, my advice would be to take it on the chin, chuck it in the bin and learn the lesson the hard way. Never be tempted to sell it on, or karma will get ya.