How To Start A Makeup Website


A few people have been asking how do they go about starting their own beauty and cosmetics website selling their wholesale makeup stash. This type of website which involves selling physical good online needs special shopping cart software, and is known as an ecommerce site.

There are basically 3 options:

1. Go to a web designer and get a cosmetics site with a shopping cart built. This is probably the most expensive option, but depending on your budget you could get great, professional looking results. Quotes typically start from around £500 ($750) up, although the sky really is the limit. In general I think this option is usually way overpriced for newbies.

2. Get your own domain and hosting and an ecommerce package and build your makeup site yourself. This can be difficult for anyone with no or little technical skills. However, if your technical skills are good, or you know someone who might be able to help you, such as a college student, then this can be a very cost effective solution. It is possible to buy ready made website templates which can be personalised by changing the colours and graphics etc. Even though you will probably not get a totally original site, this option is much cheaper and definitely worth considering.

3. There are a lot of companies with ecommerce platforms from which you can basically rent a site. They usually have a range of templates that you can choose from which can also be customised. They typically will charge you a monthly fee and they may also charge a set up fee and a transaction fee, based on a % of the value of the sales you make on the site. They provide pretty much everything you need within the package. For this type of company, search on Google for “ecommerce provider” or “ecommerce solution”. When choosing a provider, weigh up the fees and also any minimum contract period. If it does not work out you do not want to have to pay a monthly fee for a site you are not using any more.

Then all you need is to stock up on some fabulous wholesale cosmetics and get selling!