Is Reselling Wholesale MAC Makeup Allowed?

wholesale mac cosmetics

I have had several queries in the past few weeks asking if there are any regulations on reselling wholesale MAC make up products in shops, on market stalls, or over the internet.

There seems to be a few rumours going around that there are restrictions on selling wholesale MAC make up, and people are wondering if it is just MAC that has these restrictions or other major cosmetics and beauty brands too.

I am not a lawyer, so this is just my own view. There is no restriction that I am aware of that you need to worry about if you are selling authentic goods, and that goes for wholesale MAC make up as well as any other brand. If there was, then eBay would go out of business. However, where they could try and get you is on copyright infringement, so you need to make sure that you use your own photos online, not photos taken from the MAC website or other official sources.

My thoughts on this are that if MAC are going to start cracking down on people, they would be starting with the numerous Chinese websites selling fake MAC cosmetics. On that basis I do not see why any honest seller selling authentic beauty products on a small scale should have anything to worry about. I have never come across anyone getting into any trouble.

Re market stalls though, do check with your council if a license or permit is required.
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