MAC Pro Program

mac pro card

The MAC Pro program is for makeup professionals with recognised qualifications in the beauty industry, and it entitles members to varying levels of discount on MAC products. Before you get too excited and sign up for a course at your local beauty college so you qualify, there are a few rules you need to be aware of.

Members receive a maximum discount of 40% and any cosmetics products purchased through the MAC Pro discount program must be either for your own or professional use. That means they are strictly prohibited from being resold.

There are also limits to the amounts you can buy per order, as follows:

1. No more than 24 items per order with no more than 3 items the same
2. No more than 8 of the same item for discontinued products
3. Maximum order value equivilent of $500 per day

There is no doubt that some MAC Pro members probably do resell their discounted products on eBay, and the same goes for MAC staff and staff at other major makeup brands. However this is not a good way to source wholesale makeup for your cosmetics business. 40% discount is not enough for you to be able to make a decent profit, certainly not on eBay.

If you are selling directly then you would make a small profit but not much. Not to mention if you get caught you will be out of the program and the company could take further action against you (although this is probably unlikely).

The best way to buy authentic MAC wholesale makeup is through the trusted sellers found on Cheap Slap. As a guideline, a realistic wholesale price for authentic MAC cosmetics products is around 60% off retail. Any lower and you are probably buying fakes.