fake makeup guide

Checking for fake MAC wholesale makeup is a necessity when sourcing wholesale MAC cosmetics. This applies whether you are a new seller, or if you are unsure of where the MAC products you are buying have originated from, or even if you are more experienced.

If possible, you should always compare with an original product bought from MAC. There will usually be a colour variation. Check the packaging for spelling mistakes and that the product number is correct. A lot of fake batches all have the same product number even on different products. Also, check the colour exists in the official MAC range. Depan the product and look at the bottom of the pan, as some originals have codes there which the fakes do not. Finally, if you are really not sure take it to a MAC counter and they should be able to tell you.

Fake cosmetics are getting better all the time – it can be very difficult to tell in some cases, even if you are very experienced. But if you are tempted to use a really cheap source for MAC, like one of the many Chinese MAC makeup sites, then you can safely bet it is fake anyway.