Sell Wholesale Makeup on eBay

ell makeup on ebay

So you want to sell wholesale makeup on eBay…

Selling on eBay is becoming more and more popular, both as a hobby and also, especially in the current economy, as an extra source of income. eBay has millions of individual buyers and sellers and is the biggest online marketplace in the world.

As an eBay wholesale cosmetics seller, you have the advantage of millions of potential customers, all ready to buy.

eBay offers the opportunity to build a cosmetics business on whatever scale suits you. You can run an eBay business from the comfort of your own home/your local Starbucks or just about anywhere.

And it really is pretty easy for anyone to get the hang of it – everyone from young kids to grannies are having a go, and some very successfully. If you do get stuck, there is a comprehensive Help Section on eBay itself, and some great books and guides available that can help everyone from newbies to more experienced sellers.

Selling on eBay is great fun too. There is a strong community spirit and you come across some lovely people. Maybe they will start a dating agency next (haha tip to eBay if you’re reading this!)

A word of warning, or should I say a reality check before you get started. There have a lot of changes on eBay over the last few years and many would say that eBay has turned its back on the small sellers that made it so great. A lot of high street retail giants now have outlet or clearance sections on eBay, making it harder for the small sellers to compete.

Luckily for cosmetics sellers however, there are no high end makeup brands selling directly on eBay which means that there is still a massive opportunity in this area.
I have written at length in other posts about the amount of sites selling fake high end beauty and cosmetics brands like MAC, Benefit and so on. Most of this ends up for sale on eBay or market stalls, flea markets etc., being sold to unsuspecting customers. If you are starting off, please do not be fooled by these sites or go down the road of selling fakes, and if you are not sure if a site is a scam or selling fakes just walk away, or feel free to contact me for advice.

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