Selling Wholesale Makeup – Part 3

wholesale makeup

This is the third in a series of articles of how to get started selling wholesale makeup and cosmetics (if you not already, you can read Parts 1 and 2 first by scrolling down a few earlier blog posts).

This method does not involve selling on eBay, cosmetics parties, or dropshipping. It easy to implement and does not involve any initial set-up costs. You are likely to have zero competition, and you will never be out of pocket. You can use this method either occasionally whenever you fancy some extra cash, or as a way to build a strong customer base with the long term goal of opening your own cosmetics website business.

You should now have a target customer list and an idea of the wholesale cosmetics products they would like, so let’s go make some money…

Sell Now, Buy Later

Using one of the UK suppliers’ stock lists, prepare your own mini stock list of products that would appeal to your customers. Make sure you give a good selection of items, based on who your customers are going to be. Show your selling price and the RRP if you want your customers to know the saving they will be making by buying from you. A good guideline is for your prices to be similar to airport prices. This level of pricing will give you a better profit margin than eBay (and no eBay fees!). This method works well for perfumes and high end skincare (Clarins, Lancome etc) that you can buy at airports and which are easily available from the UK suppliers shown on Cheap Slap. These are also the sort of items people will be buying loads of for Christmas presents.

Only use one supplier to start off with – you will need to meet the minimum order quantity so there is no point having to meet two separate minimums from different suppliers. You can jazz up your price list with pictures copied from the supplier’s website, and add your own logo/name and details at the top. Then print out the list and give it to your local target customers, and also email it to friends and family near and far. Ask people to pass on the list to anyone they know who might be interested. You could post it on your Facebook page and ask people to share it. If people know you, or if you are a friend of a friend, they WILL buy from you. Lots of people would never dream of using eBay but love a bargain and these are the sort of people you are looking for.

Make sure you include P&P charges if you are offering to post the items. Then give people an order deadline, and your paypal address for payment (or you can take cash/cheques from people that you know), and tell them that their order will be available for collection/delivery say 10 days after the order deadline. That gives you the chance to put the order in, receive the products and send them out to everyone.

With Sell Now, Buy Later, as long as you meet the suppliers’ minimum order quantity, which should be fairly easy, you will never be out of pocket. And If all goes well you can tell people you will be taking orders weekly/fortnightly, or as regularly as you like.

This is also a good way to build up an email list of customers. You can send them out new stock lists regularly, special offers etc, and eventually open your own website if it continues to grow.