remove blackheads

How to remove blackheads, such a lovely subject, eh? If you want clog-free pores and glowy healthy skin, blackhead removal is an icky but important fact of life. It’s one of those coming-of-age  discussions to have with your daughters, (and maybe also the men in your life!) Don’t even get me started on back blackheads…

Moving swiftly on. Let’s get one thing clear, blackheads aren’t your fault. They just happen, especially when pores get enlarged with age. No matter how squeaky-clean your skin is, I’ve never heard of anyone who never got a blackhead. So if you know happen to know anyone with none, chances are they already read this article, or are experts at removing blackheads without fuss through practice. Ready for some fun? Here are the three best ways to remove blackheads I know of:

  1. Pore cleansing strips

These have been around since forever, and for good reason, as they work great. What’s not to love about seeing a row of blackhead soldiers standing upright on a sticking paster? Ugh, I know. Just wet your face (the strips won’t stick to dry skin) and press the plaster tight onto around your nose/flat on your forehead. Leave until the strip goes hard then peel it off with a quick swipe. The original and the best are the Biore brand, also available now in different patterns like leopard! The patterns do nothing but add to the visual effect, but I’m a sucker for things like that, they just make me smile. I have yet to risk opening the front door to the mail man with one of these in place, in case he thinks I just had a nose job, or my toddler kicked me (more likely). Get them here:

how to remove blackheads

Here’s a strangely satisfying video of a youtuber with a face full of blackhead removal strips:

2. Face gritting

Not for the fainthearted, this method takes longer as it has several steps. The advantage is that you can do it on larger areas than the strips, such as your whole face or other areas (your boyfriend’s back, if you get pleasure in that sort of thing. Or maybe it’s just me).

First of all, cleanse your skin with an oil based cleanser, such as the highly acclaimed DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. Then apply a clay based mask (click here for this great one by Pure Biology.)

After leaving the mask on for the required length of time, remove the mask and cleanse with the oil cleanser again. This causes the grit in your pores to rise to the surface of the skin and pop out like magic with no pressure applied to the skin whatsoever. Beauty addicts love this skin clearing method, but don’t say you haven’t been warned, as you can see from the Reddit pictures above, the results are stomach churning…


3. Blackhead extraction device

blackhead extraction kit


This, my friends, is not a backstreet torture kit, it’s a proper set of blackhead extraction instruments as used by professional dermatologists and beauty therapists. It’s the bestselling exfoliation kit on Amazon with loads of satisfied customers. Very effective if you know what you’re doing, otherwise use with caution. Another grossly enjoyable video below. So fascinating in fact, you may have to watch it several times. You’re welcome đŸ™‚