I’m a foundation floozie. Always looking for the perfect base. For me, foundation needs to give good coverage without looking caked. I’m not into natural looking makeup because I don’t have perfect skin. It has been a lot better recently but I seem to have a period of mild adult acne for about the past year. It’s just been constant break out after break out. Maybe hormonal, maybe dietary, I really don’t know why it happened. I’ve not been a teenager for a very long time…

I’m also a marketer’s dream and a sucker for trying out the little testers that come stuck in magazines. I’m sure I’m not the only one which is why of course they put them there. I’ve found quite a few hero products that way, so I’m not complaining. This month’s Red mag had a mega-mini little sachet of Clarins Ever Matte Foundation in 109 (Wheat) which was handy as I’m running low on my current foundation (Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation. It’s nice but fairly light coverage and it needs a powder on top).

Here’s the Clarins product I tried and the blurb:


Clarins Ever Matte Foundation SPF15 is a lightweight, skin-perfecting foundation that has been specifically developed to reduce unwanted shine and leave a natural, radiant finish to your complexion. This foundation is perfect for oily and combination skin types.

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation SPF15 contains Clarins ‘Skin Detox’ complex made with Tanaka Powder which absorbs excess sebum for a clear, balanced complexion and tighter pores. Extracts of White Tea and Succory-Dock Cress protect skin from external aggressors and natural mineral filters protect skin from harmful UV rays.

I like this foundation enough to buy it, which I will be doing this week. It gives great coverage and it does stay matte, so no powder required. The colour was good for me (I’m really pale) so although the true perfect match for me might a bit lighter, I’m happy enough to stick with the Wheat. RRP is £26 but you can get it online cheaper. The sample sachet has done me for 4 days already and I’m hoping to squeeze enough out for tomorrow, so a little goes a long way. This foundation has been out for almost 2 years, but I have to say that Clarins isn’t usually on my radar. I do like the fact that it’s stocked in many independent pharmacies so there’s no need to live near a large Boots or department store to grab it.

My ongoing skin woes have meant that I’ve tried quite a few different skincare ranges as well recently, and I’ll report separately about some other new favourite products I’m using.