Right, we’d all love perfect skin and it’s all very well trying to find the elusive perfect “no makeup” makeup, the problem with it usually is that really natural looking makeup simply doesn’t do the business when it comes to effectively hiding the flaws we are running away from in the first place. Celebrity Red Carpet reckons it’s as easy a 1, 2, 3…

Step one: Choose a foundation that works for YOU
The most important thing of all when dealing with foundation is making sure you have the right shade for your skin tone. Make sure you test any foundation you’re thinking of buying and make sure you get a good look at it in broad daylight before you commit.

Step two: Preparation
Before even taking the lid off your foundation bottle, you need to make sure your skin is ready for it. Well-hydrated skin is essential, so make sure you moisturise at least five minutes before you put your foundation on. This allows the moisturiser time to be absorbed properly.

Step three: Apply it the right way
For a casual or daytime look, simply use your fingers to apply small amounts of foundation to reduce redness and help even out your T-zone. Don’t apply it everywhere– just to problem areas. And BLEND!

Another tip they recommend is to apply concealer after foundation, which I’d definitely agree with. Although if anyone over 20 hasn’t figured that out for themselves already I’d be surprised. Many so called makeup “secrets” are just down to experimentation and finding out what works for you.

Anyway, for natural foundation that does the business I’d still have to say that it depends a lot on which foundation product you are using. My current favourites are L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation (best Cheap Slap value option) and the high end alternatives are Chanel Vitalumiere, and Diorskin Nude Skin.

natural looking foundation