mac pro cosmetics

Selling wholesale makeup profitably sometimes takes a little extra thought but it can be a lot of fun trying to outwit the competition and stocking items a little bit different from the crowd…

I am off on a mini break to Paris this weekend , and have been mentally preparing my shopping list for weeks. As well as browsing in the eclectic boutiques Paris does so well, the cosmetics seller in me never sleeps so I will also be buying high end beauty items for my cosmetics business while I am there.

This may seem strange given that the euro is so expensive at the moment, and that I will not actually be visiting any wholesale cosmetics outlets. Even so, there are quite a few items that I know I can buy at full price (in Sephora on the Champs Elysees or many Parisien pharmacies), and resell in the UK at quite a hefty premium. These items are often from massively popular European brands that for some reason are not widely available in the UK.

An example would be the gorgeous range of French baby products that only cost a few euro but are only stocked in the UK in places like Harrods and Harvey Nicks, the Dior perfume only available in France, and the luxe Spanish range of beauty creams which cost hundreds of pounds in the UK but you can pick up in Spain for a fraction of the price. If I lived in Spain I would be selling those on eBay in the UK…but instead I just stock up when I can. I could go on, but I am sure you get the idea.

Within the EU there is no import duty or additional VAT to pay so my only additional cost is for a suitcase in my hold.

When you are abroad, try to get in the habit of always checking out the range and price of beauty products available, whether in a supermarket, beauty salon, or specialist shops. If something catches your eye, check whether it is already being sold on eBay, and if so at what price. This will soon become second nature and you will be an expert in no time (believe me, you will be surprised how quickly this becomes almost intuitive).
I hope that gives you a few ideas, and in the meantime I will be having a cheeky vin rouge (or two) in the Marais on Friday night, and will return suitably refreshed next week. A bientot!!