wholesale makeup deals

Competition in the wholesale makeup business is hotting up as more and more people try to find extra ways to make a little extra cash from home. To me that is no big deal because the discount cosmetics market is so massive. In fact, the current economy has turned everyone into a bargain lover. Designer discount sites are everywhere, and people who once would never have considered using eBay are weighing in to sell their old stuff and realising they can buy brand new products at a fraction of the retail price. Buy It Now items now make up the majority of eBay transactions rather than auction items.

Just because there are a lot of people selling cosmetics does not mean that it will be any harder for you to succeed. First of all, remember that most people give up at the first hurdle. So just the fact that you are prepared to stick at it, gives you have an immediate advantage over the majority of other sellers.

Know your cosmetics and beauty products and your customers and try to find a niche market if possible. Don’t try to appeal to all of the people all of the time, because that is how sellers flounder and give up. Make a plan and stick with it. Be clear with your unique selling point, and create an identity for your business. If it doesn’t work you can always change the plan, but if your plan was all jumbled up to start with you will struggle to know what was working and what you need to change.

Start off small and reinvest your profits. With as little as £100 ($150) seed capital, if you are smart you can keep doubling your money until you reach the level of income you require.

For anyone who thinks that starting a cosmetics business is a waste of time, well they are right about one thing – it does take time. And effort, and passion. It is also a lot of fun, very rewarding, and has lots of perks (you should see my makeup collection)! But I can think of plenty of other things that are a much bigger waste of time. I suppose it’s like anything, you won’t know for sure what might happen unless you get up off your ass and just do it!

Cheap Slap may not be fancy but it does feature really good quality wholesale makeup sellers and it has helped a lot of people set up successful home businesses. If you do decide to join, I am happy to help and guide you, but ultimately the success of your business is up to one person only – that’s you kiddo!