makeup market stall

I had loads of fun last weekend selling wholesale makeup at a car boot sale near my parent’s house. It was something I have not done for a while, and I had forgotten how enjoyable, as well as financially rewarding, it can be. I am planning on heading back there again in a couple of weeks, because I had made over £200 profit by lunchtime. The only reason I had to leave when I did was because I had run out of cosmetics stock to sell!

The sale I went to is held every Sunday morning – most of the busiest markets are held on a regular basis, so you probably already know of one in your area. There are also one off car boot sales held from time, in school and church car parks etc, but in my experience these tend not to be so busy.

Be prepared for an early start, and remember to take a friend along with you to help. It can be a good idea to check out the market beforehand and have a chat with some of the other traders to find out how much it costs, and what is the best time to arrive. In my case, the market opened to the public at around 9.00am, but we were there to get a good spot before 7.00am. The cost for a car was only £7. Some markets also have fixed pitches and covered stalls which cost a little more, which can be well worth the money especially if the weather is bad.

Bring a picnic table to display your makeup products, and folding chairs if you have any. It can get tiring standing all day. If you are organised and have enough time before you leave (we didn’t), pack up a picnic basket of goodies and drinks to bring with you. The food on offer where we went was mostly of the chip van variety. Not very Jamie Oliver.
Also, take a cash float of at least £50 in coins with you so that you do not run out of change. Some sellers provide bags but for makeup I do not think it matters because everything is fairly small and people can easily pop it into another bag.

Luckily there were no other makeup sellers the day we went, and that seems to be the case for most country markets that I have been to. There were loads of people asking if we would be back again next week, which makes me think that it would be easy to build up a regular customer base if you have good selection of makeup and beauty stock that is well priced.

One thing to remember is not to underprice your stock when you are selling at a market. A lot of customers like to haggle, and some can be quite cheeky and greedy, so stick to your guns when you reach your bottom price. The person might walk away, but if they really want it, they will come back.

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