Wholesale Benefit Makeup

wholesale benefit makeup

Wholesale makeup by benefit is one of the most sought after brands by cosmetics sellers and unfortunately, like MAC makeup, it is also one of the most widely counterfeited brands.

If you look at the main Chinese sites like TradeTang, DHGate and qWholesale that appear when you do a search on google for wholesale benefit makeup, you will find too good to be true offers like benefit bad gal mascara for less than $2. I have written extensively about those sites before – honestly please do not even go there, that stuff is all fake, it is rubbish and you are being ripped off. If you buy from sites like those and then try to resell these products all I can say is you really must be looking for trouble.

At the end of the day I am not a big fan of always going after the big brands like MAC and benefit, because authentic cosmetics stock from those brands is scarce and very in demand, which means that the wholesale price is higher. Even so, that’s not to say that good deals don’t come along from time to time, of course they do, and they always get snapped up very quickly.

Anyway, if you really have your heart set on sourcing genuine benefit wholesale beauty items then always use a trusted supplier. There are only a handful of true high end cosmetics and beauty products suppliers and most do not advertise (because they don’t need to).

Cheap Slap members have access to the latest deals from all the main wholesale makeup suppliers. These are the same sources where most successful eBay cosmetics businesses get their stock. If you are not a member of Cheap Slap and you are thinking of buying your wholesale benefit makeup from another source, then remember to be very careful to check it is genuine.