Wholesale Cosmetics For Beginners

mac makeup

I received an email today from a new member of Cheap Slap, who asked for my opinion about a US website selling MAC cosmetics wholesale. The site looked totally fake to me (it was also selling Tiffany jewellery, UGG boots, Christian Laboutin shoes at bargain prices. Very suss). My advice was to steer well clear. I received this email back:

“Hi Mel

Thank you so much for the fast reply. I thought it looked a bit dodgy but I am new to this so thought I would check. Do you think the best way to sell is on eBay? Sorry for asking so many questions it’s just I was made redundant and want to earn my own money but am a little wary so am just after some advice. What brands do you find sell well. I am hopefully going to be taking a make up course so that will give me better knowledge of products, and was thinking of maybe doing some make up parties as all my friends use MAC and Benefit so thought this would be a good way to make some extra pennies.
Thank you

I will be posting a full response to this email here in the next couple of days, but what I did say to Vicky, and my advice to all newbies, is NOT to rush into selling make up on eBay if you are thinking of starting a cosmetics business. Please believe me that this is how most people start and it is the reason why so many either people give up or lose money. There are other ways to start off making money from selling cosmetics far more easily and quickly.