Wholesale Makeup Brushes & Bags

Wholesale makeup brushes are great accessories to have as part of your inventory as they sell like hotcakes.

Try to get makeup brushes that compliment the rest of your wholesale cosmetics range. For example, if you are selling high end cosmetics brands like MAC and Benefit then those type of brushes would be great as they are an easy upsell with other products.

However, remember that makeup brushes from those most popular cosmetics brands are just as commonly faked as the actual makeup and beauty products. Only ever buy wholesale makeup brushes from trusted suppliers.

Respected cosmetics brands such as Bobbi Brown and Stila have good quality brushes and these are easier to find than either authentic MAC or Benefit brushes. Also, any customer who knows their stuff will usually be happy with Sigma brushes as well.

Another good upsell are the cosmetics bags that you get with the gift with purchase sets from Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome. Often the bags are available to purchase separately or else they come with the small GWP items included. I especially like the Clinique makeup bags and fail to see how any customer would not be tempted to purchase one along with other products if you have any for sale.

Successful wholesale makeup sellers always think of ways to tempt their customers with impulse buys that they may not actually need but simply cannot resist. A bit like the chocolate on display at supermarket counters.

Next time you are ordering wholesale cosmetics stock, why not test the water by adding a few accessories like wholesale makeup brushes or wholesale makeup bags to your order. You just might be surprised how well they do!