Wholesale Makeup Dropshippers

wholesale makeup drop shippers

Looking for wholesale makeup dropshippers? There seem to be dropshipping companies appearing all over the place (I suspect a lot of the sites are the same company).

They claim to offer what sounds like a brilliant service where for a weekly or monthly fee you can set up a website in any one of the product categories, one of which is beauty.

The way it is supposed to work is that you select the beauty/makeup/cosmetics products that you want to sell on your website and decide what price you want to sell them at. Then you sit back and wait for the money to roll in. When someone buys from your website the dropshipper fulfils the order and you pocket the difference between what you charged the buyer and what the dropshipper charges you.

I can see how this could sound tempting for anyone who has not fully thought it through, but my advice would be to steer clear. You will get no-where with it, mainly because:

1. There will be hundreds of identical websites to yours owned by other people who have joined up for the same service. No-one will ever find your website unless you do tons of work to promote it, which will either take a long time, or probably mean paying for google ads, which cost a fortune.

2. The beauty brands sold by these dropshippers are usually things no-one has even heard of. I doubt you will get a good selection of products.

3. You have no idea what the dropshippers’ prices are before you sign up. They may not even be cheap, so to make a profit your site would not be competitive. Also, some of these sites change their prices without warning. For example, say you list something on your website at £8 because the dropshipper is charging £7 for it. Someone buys the product from your site, and then you order it from the dropshipper, but surprise surprise the dropshipper’s price has gone up in the meantime to £9! Your margins on dropshipping will be very low to start with so it leaves you very vulnerable to any price changes.

4. The price for the website deal is overpriced and not competitive. Also, the website is not yours to keep and you have no control over how reliable their system is. You would lose your business unless you pay them forever whatever they decide to charge you. What if you had a really successful business going and they keep hiking the price up?

If you want control over your own wholesale makeup business, then you can always start your own cosmetics website at some point in the future. But don’t run before you can walk. Wait until you already have a few customers and you know what you are doing. If you do not have a clue where to start, then joining a dropshipping company like this is definitely not the answer!

Why not keep reading Cheap Slap instead and gets lots of sensible advice from a friendly wholesale makeup business guru like me 🙂