Wholesale Makeup Images

makeup haul

Whether you are selling your wholesale makeup on eBay, or on your own website, you will need images of your beauty products so people can see what they are buying.

Strictly speaking, if you are not an authorised supplier of the cosmetics brand you are selling, and you do not have permission to use the makeup brand manufacturer’s stock photos (which are copyrighted) then you
are supposed to take your own photos of the products and use those images on your site (or eBay).

In reality, if you copy and paste photos from another site you might be okay but you could be asked to remove the photos if anyone checks. In that case you would have to use your own images.

My recommendation would be to always use your own photos for selling makeup on eBay. There is so much fake high end makeup on eBay that using stock photos actually makes the listing look dodgy, even if your products are authentic. Also, there are more official checks on eBay making it more likely that you will be asked to remove the beauty product image if it is copyrighted.

If you have your own cosmetics website, then you are less likely to be caught using someone else’s images. Not that I would ever encourage you to do that. Of course not.
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